Anghnostis Ordination Requirements

The rank Anghnostis is the reader in the church. The following requiremnets are set by the diocese to maintain that the newly ordained are able to serve. 

  1. The candidate must fulfill all minimum requirements for the psaltis.
  2. The candidate must be at least 16 (sixteen) years old.
  3. The candidate must be involved in the service of the church.
  4. The candidate must display good reading ability in the Katameros in at least one of the following languages: Coptic, Arabic, English.
  5. The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the following:
    1. Prayers:
      1. Thanksgiving, Psalm 50 (51)
      2. “Let us praise with the angles saying…”
      3. “Graciously accord, O Lord, to keeps us…”
      4. The Trisagion
      5. “Hail to you we ask you…”
      6. “We exalt you the mother of the True Light…”
      7. The Creed
      8. “Holy, Holy, Holy…”
      9. “Have mercy on us O God and have mercy on us…”
    2. Hymns:
      1. The fourth ode (canticle)
      2. The regular Verses of the Cymbals
      3. The regular doxologies
    3. Responses:
      1. Must be able to serve the Offering of the Incense alone with the priest.
      2. Must know well all the sanctuary deacon responses of the liturgy of St. Basil.
    4. Midnight Praises
      1. Must demonstrate proficiency in the weekly Midnight Praises.
  6. The candidate must demonstrate an 80% attendance rate in the weekly services: liturgies, vespers, and midnight praises.
  7. The candidate must be recommended by his father of confession.