With the growing need of a church in the south Broward and Miami regions, His Grace Bishop Youssef ordained Father Timotheus Soliman to shepherd the new congregation on November 18, 2001. During this time a handful of families worked together to form the new church.

With the Grace of God, we purchased 4.7 acres close to major highways and visible from the Florida Turnpike. During the building process, we rented an Armenian Orthodox Church for Saturday vespers and Sunday liturgies. We prayed the first vesper raising of incense, celebrating the Martyrdom of Saint Mina the Wonder Worker on November, 22-23 2002. Due to the limitations of the church availability, we rented another Orthodox church for weekday liturgies and meetings. We prayed our first service on March 9, 2003, celebrating the feast of the Appearance of the Head of Saint John the Baptist (our Patron Saint) and the departure of Pope Cyril VI. 

On Sunday September 12, 2004, His Grace Bishop Youssef laid the foundation stone of our Church.

We had to attend a public hearing for the Community Appearance Board in the city of Miramar where all city officials, commissioners, city lawyers, and the Mayor have to discuss our project with the community and the neighborhood. They had to vote to accept or reject the church in the Miramar community. The session went late into the night and most of our kids who waited many hours until our case was called were already asleep. City officials were amazed that nearly all the congregation was there to support our church. After the official engineering presentation of the design and project, the commissioners decided to invite Fr. Timotheus to introduce the church to the community. His brief words presenting the history of the Coptic church and its beliefs ensured the benefit of our Church to the community. Upon approval of our project, the Mayor allowed our kids to express their happiness and applause in the court room. Every eye was teary with happiness as we praised Our Lord for aiding in the acceptance of His house in this area.

We were blessed with His Holiness Pope Shenouda’s visit to our church on February 1 2007, during the Nineveh's Feast. His Holiness admired the beauty of the building, and particularly commented on the wide social hall without columns that obstruct the view.

On January 19, 2014, the Feast of Theophany, the Church board presented the extension plans of the new Church building and service building. With the Grace of God, the construction is expected to start by the end of 2017.