Beginning May 1st, God willing, we will begin the gradual reopening of our church. A limited number of individuals will be permitted to attend each liturgy in accordance with the CDC social distancing guidelines.
The attendance for each liturgy will be managed by a signup sheet. A link for the signup sheet will be sent through the St. John 313131 text.
You may only attend a liturgy on the date you sign up for. In order to give all members of the congregation an opportunity to attend a liturgy in the coming weeks, you may only sign up for 1 liturgy until we have gone through a cycle allowing all members to attend a liturgy before we open it up and start the cycle again. You will be notified when you can sign up to attend another liturgy.
Each available signup slot is for 1 person only. All family members must sign up on separate slots. Upon the advice and instruction of local infectious disease specialists - NO children ages 10 or under will be allowed to attend liturgy for the first few weeks until further notice. This will be a gradual reopening. Until the virus has peaked and reaches a plateau in Dade and Broward County, children aged 10 and under will not be permitted to sign up and attend liturgy. NO EXCEPTIONS.
After signing up, you will receive a confirmation regarding the date you will attend liturgy.
If you are not on the signup sheet for a specific liturgy – you will not be allowed to enter the church.
We will be adhering to CDC guidelines. Therefore, with that in mind, please be advised:
If you or any member of your household is suffering from any sickness, fever, cough, cold symptoms, or unexplained headache, please stay home – NO member of the household should come to church. If you have already signed up for a date to attend liturgy and fall ill after that, please notify Abouna and he will reschedule your date to attend liturgy.
We will have a temperature station set up to monitor each parishioner’s body temperature before coming into the church. If you or any member of your family has a fever, you will not be permitted to enter the church.
You must cover your mouth and nose with a mask – you will not be allowed to enter the church if your mouth and nose are not covered. Please bring and wear a mask before entering the church.
You must sanitize your hands before entering the church.
Please remove your shoes as soon as you enter the church and please bring a bag with you to place your shoes inside and keep them with you throughout the liturgy. Please do not walk around the church with your shoes on. Do not put your shoes back on until you exit the church.
Stay at least 6 feet between yourselves and others – the pews are marked where you can sit. You can only sit on a spot marked with a blue “X”.
The floor is marked with blue lines where you can stand when entering the church and during communion and distribution of the orban. Please remain behind the blue line until it is your turn to move forward.
The church will not provide head covering for ladies – please bring your own.
The church will not provide a cloth to cover your mouth after you receive communion, please bring your own.
The church will not provide water for you to drink after communion – please bring your own.
Please do not shake hands or greet anyone by hugging and kissing.
Please do not kiss or touch the icons – you can bow in front of them instead.
If you are age 6o or older – there will be liturgies scheduled just for you – please do not attend any other liturgies – this is to protect you.
Liturgies will run from 8am – 10am – the doors of the church will close at 8:30 am – you will not be able to enter the church after 8:30 am. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please plan on staying inside the church for the duration of the liturgy. The gates and bathrooms will be closed. Please plan accordingly.
When liturgy is over, please do not assemble in the back of the church or outside of the church. Please go directly to your car and go home.
The liturgy on Friday, May 1st , will be for those age 60 and older. If anyone aged 6o or older is unable to signup electronically, please inform Abouna.
May the Lord keep you and guide you with His mighty hand and keep the church doors open for us until His coming.
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