Hymns Classes

Divine Liturgy - New Year's

Nativity Feast - Divine Liturgy

Feast of the Circumcision - Divine Liturgy

Wedding at Cana of Galilee - Divine Liturgy

Theophany Feast - Divine Liturgy

Theophany Feast - Liturgy of the Water

Theophany Feast - Paramony Liturgy

Divine Liturgy

Divine Liturgy

New Year Eve - Prayer

Divine Liturgy - Fast of Nineveh

Divine Liturgy - 1st day of the Great Fast

Divine Liturgy - Feast of the Cross

Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt Celebration

Divine Liturgy

Pre-Servants Meeting

End of Great Fast Matins Incense and Unction of The Sick

Divine Liturgy

Divine Liturgy

Lazarus Saturday Hosanna Sunday Vespers and Raising of Incense

Joyous Saturday Liturgy

Feast of the Glorious Resurrection Liturgy

Pascha of Great Friday 1st & 3rd Hour Prayers

6th Hour Confession of The Thief and The 9th Hour Prayers

11th & 12th Hour Prayers and The Burial

First Hour of Pascha Prayers

3rd, 6th and 9th Hours Prayers

Washing of the Feet

Eve of Great Friday

Trial Prayers

Last Supper Liturgy

First Hour of Pascha Prayers

Eve of Covenant Thursday Pascha Prayers

Eve of Wednesday Pascha Prayers

Eve of Tuesday Pascha Prayers

Palm Sunday Procession and Morning Incense

Hosanna Sunday Liturgy

Common Funeral Prayers

Eve of Monday Pashca Prayers

CHRIST IS RISEN TRULY HE IS RISEN Picnic @ C.B. Smith Park Pavilion #8- Sunday School Programs Lunch and Activities 

Divine Liturgy Disciples of Emmaus

Keys Liturgy

Decons Meeting

Divine Liturgy - Appearance of the Head of Saint John the Baptist

Divine Liturgy




Divine Liturgy

Divine Liturgy